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Fast Charging Battery Charger


FEATURESFast charging battery charger app boosts battery charging time by closing all services that actually consume the battery quickly by the help of just a single tap on a screen. You can also manually turn on or off the services you wish individually. Furthermore, not only its speedy fast battery charging boosts speed and decrease charging time but also extends the battery time.Fast charging battery charger app lets you charge your mobile/tablet device with ease and comfort. It examines all those services that drain out the battery like auto sync, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, mobile data, high screen brightness, Screen timeout etc. and turns them off when needed to boost charging.FUNCTIONALITY OF FAST CHARGING BATTERY CHARGEROnce the adapter is connected to the mobile/tablet device, it charges up the battery as well as that same charge stored is being used by the mobile/tablet as it consumes the battery. Now, what this app does is that it reduces the ratio of discharging to the charging up of the battery resulting in the reduction of charge time and boosts charging speed. In addition this fast charging battery charger does what is vital and performs various functions to reduce the consumption of your machines battery while charging. It stops unwanted processes to reduce the CPU load and halts network tasks to reduce battery consumption. This battery charger also modifies the display settings according to your needs and to reduce battery usage.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIt is recommended that only original/ compatible charging adapter be used with Fast Charging Battery Charger app in order for the app to run efficiently. Also the battery needs to be in good condition. To keep the Fast Charging Battery Charger running in the background, press “Home” button.